Discover the area around our Weissensee on a bike
The climatic health resort of Füssen-Weißensee, recommended by the ADAC as a family holiday destination, has much to offer its guests all year round. It is particularly beautiful here in autumn, when the Allgäu landscape presents itself in bright colours. Now is the ideal time for extended bicycle tours through the Allgäu foothills of the Alps.

Around the rural Füssen district of Weißensee, truly paradisiacal conditions await cyclists. Whether leisurely routes through the foothills of the Alps, crisp trails for mountain bikers or steep passes for racing cyclists - everyone will find ideal tours here to suit their taste. The town of Füssen is also a hub for popular long-distance cycle routes, which are wonderful to get a taste of during a holiday in Weißensee. If you like it particularly leisurely, simply rent an e-bike, where the pedalling motion is supported by an environmentally friendly electric motor. The perfect time for extended bike tours through the beautiful Allgäu region around Weißensee is autumn, when the temperatures are pleasant but no longer so high and the landscape is particularly colourful. Below we present some very attractive autumnal cycle tours around Füssen-Weißensee.

Enjoy the scenery and sightseeing at its best on the approx. 15 kilometre bike tour from Weissensee to the castle ruins of Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg. The tour is easy and starts at the Tourist Information Centre in Weißensee. From here, it goes through the picturesque foothills of the Alps and small hamlets to Speiden, where the Mariahilfer Sudhaus invites you to a cosy stop. The tour then leads up to Eisenberg/ Zell to the Schlossbergalm, from where you can walk to the castle ruins of Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg, which form a landscape-dominating ensemble of castles and are among the most popular sights in the Allgäu. You can get lots of interesting background information on the castles at the castle museum in Zell. After visiting these two famous Allgäu castles, you return to Weissensee. On the way back, we recommend a short stop above the Weißensee west bank to enjoy the magnificent view of the foothills of the Alps from here.

A short, but especially in autumn very beautiful bike tour is also the Vier-Seen-Runde, which starts at the Morisse car park (P3) in Füssen. From here it goes through the picturesque Faulenbach valley, past the Mittersee and Obersee lakes, to the mysterious Alatsee lake. If you are not afraid of a crisp climb, you can make a detour from here to the cosy Salober-Alm, which is known for its delicious Allgäu delicacies, before you also reach the Weißensee, where you can end the tour. The Vier-Seen-Runde (Four Lakes Circuit) delights with great landscape impressions and is suitable for the whole family.

The 55-kilometre tour from Füssen to the Wieskirche church near Steingaden, where cyclists follow the Romantic Road cycle path, also promises lots of fun and varied impressions. Through the picturesque foothills of the Alps and past the world-famous castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the route leads into the Pfaffenwinkel region of Upper Bavaria to the Wieskirche, a rococo jewel and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is definitely worth visiting this magnificently decorated place of worship during a holiday in the Allgäu.

These were just three of the many possible autumnal cycling tours around Füssen-Weißensee. The cycling tours lead through a picture-perfect landscape that shows its most beautiful side in autumn.

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