vegetarian & vegan breakfast

vegetarian & vegan breakfast

Sustainable enjoyment

vegetarian & vegan breakfast

Perhaps, like us as your hosts, you have decided to adopt a purely vegan lifestyle, for whatever reason. But maybe you just want to try out for a few days how delicious a start to the day can taste without cheese and sausage and how it makes you feel. Of the three breakfast options, which we are happy to bring to your room because of the current situation, one is vegan - with Alsan organic margarine, Porrigdes as well as oat, rice and almond drink. Our three homemade spreads made from regional and organically grown products as far as possible are particularly delicious. We always prepare these fresh and in ever new variations for you. You can also find a selection of them in our new vegan online shop.

Even though we live a completely vegan life ourselves, there are still healthy dairy products in the hotel - also regional and preferably in organic quality. We also keep several swarms of bees and chickens. This way we can determine the quality ourselves. The chickens "deliver" fresh eggs for your breakfast every day and at the same time loosen and fertilise the soil in our own garden. Many of the ingredients for our homemade spreads, jams and syrups grow around our home in Pfronten at an altitude of 890 metres. Our garden paradise is our source of inspiration and our "testing ground" in terms of sustainability. Our goal is to do something good for you as a guest and for the environment at the same time. For this reason, we have been working intensively over the last few years on how we can farm more sustainably and also live more independently of conventional food production. That's why our garden became more and more our focus. In the meantime, there are countless herbs, fruits and vegetables that we grow ourselves. We use old varieties adapted to the region and seed that is stable. We only fertilise ecologically - with a soft bed of sheep's wool. A geodesic dome allows vegetables that need warmth to thrive. Lettuce and spinach grow in it even in the cold winter months.

For all other ingredients, we make sure to support farmers and producers who manage the Allgäu landscape with equal care, keep animals in a species-appropriate manner and thus maintain the ecological balance. For us, this means acting responsibly at all levels. Ultimately, this is our contribution to making the world a little more liveable and lovable.

If you have any questions about the vegan diet, please feel free to contact us. We don't want to force our lifestyle on anyone, but we sense a great interest in it among our guests.

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