our four-legged friends


Dear dog owners,

In our hotel we are happy to welcome your four-legged friends for € 10.00 ,

in the premium rooms EUR 15.- (without food) per night on their own bed.

For a harmonious coexistence, a few rules must be observed.

Sofa, bed and chairs are exclusively for the two-legged friends!

Should you nevertheless take your dog to bed with you, we take the liberty of charging EUR 100.
for the necessary extra bed cleaning.

During breakfast, the dogs wait dutifully in the room,
In summer, they are welcome to join you on the breakfast terrace.

Please do not use the garden as a dog toilet!
There is a dog toilet with poop bags directly down to the right on the lakeshore.

After a swim in the lake or a walk in dirty weather,
we kindly ask you to dry and clean your dog before bringing it to your room.

If you have forgotten your dog towels, we will be happy to provide you with some.
(You will also find dog towels in the entrance area).

In case of damaged inventory, we take the liberty of settling with your dog liability insurance.

As dog owners ourselves, we know that all these things are a matter of course for you.
We wish you and your four-legged companion a relaxing stay with us.

Your family Sommerlad with Ella, Pinot Noir and Maya

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