Enjoy outdoor life with all your senses…. see, hear, smell…. discover nature during all seasons. The Allgäu provides the perfect setting, from the soft foothills to the rugged peaks of the Alps, embedded in nature and high above the daily chores

  • Allgäu Hiking Trilogy: An ample set of hiking tours at three different elevation levels
  • Starting point, as well as crossroads of various long distance hiking trails, like Maximiliansweg (E4), King Ludwig trail, Lechweg, the long distance trail alongside the Romantic Road, the Via Claudia Augusta trail alongside the ancient Roman road, Via Alpina and last but not least the Eastern Allgäu High Route
  • From the source to the waterfall - the trail along river Lech - find details here
  • Follow “Royal” traces - the historical trails of King Ludwig
    Michael, your certified hiking partner, will gladly provide you with plans for hiking tours, tailored to your individual requirements. A rich lunch bag will help you to master your hiking trip.
  • Hiking - the whole diversity at a glance


  • Theme trips - hiking through the moors or exploring the local herbal flora.
  • Hiking tours - enjoy the many lakes of the region (42 in Eastern Allgäu), appreciate the mountains and the spectacular view from atop, or take a cable car to explore the Allgäu Alps.
  • Mountain Hikes - in alpine, yet secured, terrain
  • Educational Hikes - a unique mixture of hiking and themes like local wildlife, flora, geology, culture - just depending on destination.
  • Spiritual Hikes - find your peace of mind - step by step - guided tours with practical instructions
  • Speed Hiking - extensive tours and distances, up to 40 km per day
  • GPS Hikes - learn to employ GPS navigation and guidance for your individual hiking tour
  • Geo-Caching - the electronic treasure hunt for children of all ages
  • Starting 2014 - Hiking & horse - untroubled by luggage you hike along old smuggler’s trails and mule tracks, whilst the accompanying horses transport your baggage.


  • Winter hiking tours - walking and hiking on cleared trails, in the snow covered landscape - nature during wintertime - a new experience
  • Snowshoeing - explore the hills, the mountains on silent feet - a snowshoe tour in a winter dream

Certified hiking partner

- what does that mean? -

We are certified in accordance with the quality label “Wanderbares Deutschland” (a play on words that links wonderful to wander), which defines accurate standards that hosts shall fulfill to support guests in their outdoor activities. You’ll receive local weather forecasts, precise tour information, but also the possibility to clean and dry outdoor gear. A backpack for your individual use is available in each room, and of course you may rent hiking sticks. The ample breakfast buffet provides the perfect basis for a long hiking tour or a day high up in the mountains. Of course we shall gladly support your tour with a rich lunch bag. Michael, your certified hiking partner, will gladly assist you in planning and - if you wish - be your tour guide.

Hiking know-how - how we understand it

Certified Hiking and Nature Guide - what’s in it for you as a guest?

An inherent interest for mountains, pleasure in outdoor activities and communication with other people are the ideal basis: The officially certified training includes navigation in general; with map and GPS; navigation without any artificial tools; emergency handling; planning and execution of hiking tours of one or more days endurance; night hikes; calculation of en-route times, equipment management and meteorology. Three full days must be calculated for the basic course. The advanced training will cover nature studies and cultural aspects. The aim is to supply the necessary tools to structure hikes, both interesting and instructive. The course includes information about geology and wildlife of both, the Alpine region and the German Mittelgebirge, but also aspects like architectural styles, covering the wide range from the Romanic to contemporary styles. Several training hikes complement the theory lessons.

Activity in Summer & Winter

Summertime in this very region of the Allgäu, rich on lakes and mountains, provides an almost inexhaustible range of activities.

Bicycle tours along and around the Allgäu lakes, primarily of course the lake “Forgensee” trail, pass roads for racing bicyclists, tough trails for mountain bikes and flat tours that appeal to the occasional bicyclist - they may all conveniently be reached in short time.

Watersports - Swimming, sailing, windsurfing - right at your doorstep - lake “Weissensee” and a large number of lakes nearby provide the perfect setting.

Wintertime as you like it - romantic, pleasurable, full of sports activities. A hike through winter wonderland, a snowshoe hike, skating on the frozen lake, a romantic ride with a horse drawn sleigh or a racy toboggan ride.

Carvers’, Boarders’ and Free Riders’ Eldorado - Ski areas for all levels of skill line up almost in front of our doorsteps - from Tegelberg to the neighboring Tirol mountains, to Pfronten and Nesselwang.

In case you prefer cross-country skiing - the Weissensee track is interconnected to the neighboring tracks - more than 200 kilometers waiting for the ambitious athlete.

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