Grander® Wasser

Grander® Water

Our entire house is equipped with "revitalised water"

Grander Water
Through a special process, the conventional drinking water is naturally transformed into a very high, biologically valuable quality. Enjoy fresh Grander water from all the water pipes in our house - as much as you like.

The Grander water revitalisation process is a technology of information transfer (transmission of natural information of the highest order). Nothing is added to the water and nothing is taken from it.

According to Johann Grander, the discoverer of water revitalisation, the properties of revitalised water - with all its positive effects on people, animals, plants and the entire environment - can be transferred to any water.

The revitalisation takes place, among other things, through devices filled with information water, which are either installed in the water pipe or directly immersed in the water. This information water also forms the basis for all other product applications of Grander® Technology.
From the personal experiences of users, the following properties of revitalised water can be derived:
- increased shelf life due to changes in microbiology
- finer taste
- usually feels softer
- can improve in appearance (clarification)
- can increase well-being
- can give food (fruit, vegetables, bread, drinks, etc.) more freshness and taste and increase their shelf life
- can ensure better plant growth and more striking flowers
- saves detergents and cleaning agents through improved solvent power
- goes back into the environment revitalised and thus also benefits nature itself
- many animals are particularly attracted to revitalised water

The effects of Grander® Technology can be proven using standardised scientific research methods via microbiology.

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